Big Al Interviews Kala Ebbe #EducatorChipotleChallenge

Meet Kala Ebbe! She's a Chipotle lovin', school counselor who you may have seen bust a move or two at our V101 shows.

Ms. Ebbe is a school counselor in Davis, CA that has vowed to eat Chipotle EVERY DAY for one year! She's calling her quest "The Educator Chipotle Challenge". Ebbe's goal is to raise $100k through a go-fund-me account while highlighting stories of how educators have positively impacted students.

"Half ($50,000 or 50%) of the money raised will be used to purchase supplies and materials for educators at Da Vinci Charter Academy in Davis, California. Educators will fill out a request form, and I will prioritize purchases based on the funds that are available in the GoFundMe account. Half ($50,000 or 50%) of the money raised will be a one-time donation to an organization that provides mental health resources and services for students in the K-12 schools in Davis, C," says Ebbe.

Big Al sits down with Kala Ebbe to learn more about her #EducatorChipotleChallenge. She elaborates on obstacles she's faced and how to get involved. Watch the full interview below: