I Am Part Superhero!

I am now on my way to being immune. That's right, I have completed the first of two vaccination shots for Covid-19. I qualified for the vaccine as I live in a multi generational household. I live with my Grandma and she is 87 so it is imperative that she is not exposed to the virus in any form. She got the Covid vaccine a while ago and I definitely feel a lot more comfortable knowing that she is immune.

It has been a relatively easy process in terms of finding an appointment and actually getting the shot. I have experienced some flu like symptoms after getting the shot but nothing too crazy. I have a stuffed nose, sore throat and a bit of a headache. Nothing to worry about. I am looking forward to when I have the second dose of the Covid vaccine which will make me completely immune and ready to kind of live a "normal" life again. Signing off.