My Gaming Career!

I game. I game hard.

I will stop being vague. So I love playing Call of Duty on my Playstation 4 (still need to get that playstation 5, I know) and I have a squad with a roster of stone cold killers behind me. My boys Jerpub and Coco, also know as The God Squad. These are my friends from England. We all met at the Golf club where I used to play growing up. That is actually one cool thing about the pandemic. I was able to reconnect with friends that I wasn't regularly communicating with. After a relatively long time without speaking much, we connected and made sweet sweet music with our virtual killing abilities.

Now we are branching out. I follow quite a few streamers on Twitch and have been inspired to get into the streaming game. I consulted with Jerpub and Coco and they are also down to boogie. So this is my mission statement. Soon you will not only be hearing my sweet, beautiful accent on the radio. It will also be available on Twitch alongside some of the most entertaining, incredible gamers of all time. You're welcome. Signing off.