How To Walk A Cat!

As some of you will know I have a cat named Luna. My girlfriend and I adopted her and she is literally the best cat ever. I was on the fence about adopting her because I had previously adopted a gorgeous cat named Nala. Unfortunately after she was spayed she became sick and eventually I had to out her down. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Sorry to get sad there, now let's talk about walking your kitty cat. With my cat Luna, we started putting a harness on her from a very young age so she could get used to it. At first she wouldn't move an inch when it was on. She actually would just fall to the ground which was pretty hilarious. I would drag her around after she went limp and sweep the floors... Just kidding, I would drag her around though to get her used to the feeling of moving while the harness was on. After a few days she was comfortable with it on and started to walk around inside the house. After that we took her outside into the real world so she could explore. She would shake and tremble once outside and would look for a safe place to sit. Then she would walk around a little. You always have to follow where the cat is going. If you try to walk them they won't follow your lead for the most part.

I guess it's pretty obvious but just keep taking baby steps and progressing. Now Luna still gets nervous when we go outside but she eventually calms down and loves to explore. We go to the beach all the time and she is fantastic on car rides thanks to the exposure she got when she was younger. There you have it, the kitty bible. Signing off.