Evan VS America!

I have been living in America for roughly 8 years and I have learned quite a few things. I should not drive on the left hand size of the road. That would be dangerous. Portions are so much bigger here and I LOVE it. I now for some reason really want a truck. They are big and dope and I want one. I know why a lot of people don't have passports over here and it's because America has pretty much every climate imaginable in one country.

Alex went through the trouble of putting together some American idioms that I would then try to recognize and explain. Safe to say I have been the opposite of a sponge in terms of knowledge, while I have lives in America. An example of such an idiom included "Screw the pooch". I interpreted this much more literally than it's actual definition. What a strange saying. Sayings must come from somewhere so doesn't that mean that someone did try to screw the pooch? I hope not. Anyway I hope this segment makes another appearance soon because I need some redemption. I am honestly not dumb. I realize that if you have to state that, you probably aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. See what I did there. there's a little idiom for you.