The "Short Guy Show" started back in Sacramento, CA, in 2010 as a morning show.

Short-E started his afternoon show in 2005 after getting his start on-air in his hometown of San Francisco, CA, in 2000. What you hear now on Southwest Florida airwaves in the afternoon is a show that has been developed over the years from a person with a "short attention span" for people with "short attention spans ."

DJ Short-E likes to "keep it short" in the afternoon when talking about trending topics, pop culture, sports & local news. He has a podcast called "The Short Conversation," where he talks to guests about the music and the behind-the-scenes lifestyle of the music industry.

You can always find DJ Short-E at concerts, festivals, local bars, and anywhere that music is being played.

DJ Short-E loves the beaches of Florida, and you can always catch him on the weekends by a body of water…. he might even be in your pool! You'll find him at local restaurants trying at least half of the menu when he's not listening to music. He's a big sports guy, so you can always catch him watching a live sporting event.

You can listen and win all kinds of cool stuff during the "Free @ 3" hour and hear the latest new song on the "Fire @ 4" around 4:20 pm. Your commute in the 5pm hour will provide you all of the good vibes you need with an hour of commercial-free music in the mix.