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CA PROPOSITIONS: What Passed And What Failed After Initial Counts

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PROP 1 PASSED: Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom

Voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1, which was put on the ballot after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. It amends the state constitution, guaranteeing a person's right to decide on abortion or to choose or refuse contraceptives. The lawmaker behind the bill says this sends a "clear message to those who think they can control our bodies," adding "In California, we will not go backwards." Governor Newsom even spoke at a YES ON 1 campaign event on election night, shortly after the news broke that he won re-election.

PROP 26 FAILED: Sports Wagering on Tribal Lands

Dueling sports betting initiatives are headed to defeat. Proposition 26 would have allowed for sports gambling at four sanctioned racetracks in the state and at tribal casinos. NBC News reports the NO campaign received 70% of the vote, only 30% were in favor.

PROP 27 FAILED: Online Sports Wagering Outside of Tribal Lands

This measure which would have allowed Californians of legal age to place bets on sporting events online and outside of tribal lands also failed. Prop 27 had major funding from sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. The measure was defeated by a large margin with the NO campaign getting 84% and only 16% of voters voting that it was it was a good idea.

PROP 28 PASSED: Public School Arts and Music Education Funding

Californians are overwhelmingly passing Proposition 28. The passage of this measure will add to the landscape of arts education in California by providing dedicated funding for arts and music programs and ensuring all public schools in California provide arts and music education. With the passage of Prop. 28, the state will at allocate least 1% of its school funding under Prop. 98 for arts and music education. According to the Legislative Analyst's Office, the ballot initiative would likely result in increased spending of $800 million to $1 billion each fiscal year, without raising taxes.

PROP 29 FAILED: Regulates Kidney Dialysis Clinics

California voters are pushing to reject this ballot measure that would have added more regulations to dialysis centers. It would have required medical staffing to be present at all 600 dialysis centers across the state. Nearly 70% voted to reject the ballot, leaving dialysis treatment centers alone. If the measure passed, at least 3 doctors would have to be present at the centers, which are typically open 16 hours a day. This measure would have added a major financial burden to medical centers

PROP 30 FAILED: Tax to Fund ZEV/Wildfire Programs

Otherwise known as the "millionaire tax", which would have taxed millionaires to help others purchase more electric vehicles and add to wildfire protection funds. Prop 30 was proposed to add 1.75% on incomes over $2 million a year with those funds going to toward boosting subsidy programs for the purchase of electric vehicles, building more charging stations and allowing Cal Fire to hire more firefighters.

PROP 31 PASSED: Prohibition on Sale of Certain Tobacco Products

California voters are saying yes to a ban on flavored tobacco products. Proposition 31 passed with 76% support. The legislation was signed into law two years ago but didn't qualify for the ballot at the time. It bans the sale of certain flavored tobacco products in stores and vending machines statewide. That includes menthol cigarettes, but not hookah, premium cigars and loose-leaf tobacco.

For the full number of ballots counted per each side of the proposition, click here to look on the CA Sec. of State website.

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