Math Teacher Under Fire For Racist Depiction Of Native Americans

According to Instagram user Shadae Johnson, a Native American student at John W. North High School in Riverside, CA decided to record their teacher after they witness the teacher take out a fake Native American headdress and run around and scream mocking Native American culture. The video has gone viral and many are outraged at the teaches actions demanding that the teacher be fired.

Based on the video, it looks as if the teacher was trying to teaching the students the trigonometry mnemonic device "SOH" "CAH" "TOA." From past yearbook pictures, it seems as if this isn't the first time the teacher has done something like this. The teacher is featured in a yearbook photo with a fake Native American headdress and was a spotlight teacher. The Riverside Unified School District has placed the teacher on administrative leave pending an investigation.

This video is proof why we need ethnic studies in our classrooms that accurately depicts the vast cultures that makes up this country. It is also evidence of the need for more diverse teaching in our classrooms.

-Natomas Slimm

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