ESPN Airs Alleged Fake High School Football Team On National Television

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You wouldn't think a team that has multiple Division 1 college recruits on the team would get blown out 58-0, but that's what happened to Bishop Sycamore when they played IMG Academy, the number 2 high school in the nation, on ESPN on Sunday, August 29. IMG Academy is a well known boarding school out of Florida that has hosted some top tier talent, you may have heard of Serena Williams, and Bishop Sycamore from what they say, are on the same level, but according to, that is not the case.

Bishop Sycamore says they are based out of Columbus, Ohio, however, their website is vague, their address according to multiple news reports, is linked to a local library, a training facility and a duplex. Also, according to The Ringer, the name Bishop Sycamore is a little odd because there hasn't been a Bishop named Sycamore, ever.

ESPN announcers during the game was a little perplexed about the school as well, notably saying that they couldn't find any of the players on the team being a top recruit and questioning the validity of their top tier status. According to Max Prep, which follows high school sports, Bishop Sycamore has yet to win a game. Not to mention, it is documented that the team played two games in three games, which is completely against high school football regulations.

The story gets more interesting, Complex Sports interviewed a prior "Student" and player at Bishop Sycamore and from he says, there are players on the team that have graduated already. Yes, grown men cosplaying as high school students and still getting blown out by actual high school students. This is on top of the head coach, Roy Johnson, having an active bench warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in a domestic violence case that was eventually dismissed. He also has charges of fraud for not repaying a $100,000 loan.

Johnson, speaking with news outlets, said that his program is young and growing. He denied it being a "fake" program and school and openly asked for help and guidance.

This story gets more interesting as each day passes.

-Natomas Slimm

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