PIC: Post Malone Dropped Over $1M On Veneers With Diamond Fangs!

You seen Post Malones new teeth? He recently underwent major dental reconstruction that included 28 units of ceramic restoration..no big deal everyones getting veneers, right? But here’s what makes his different from the others, Post Malone opted to install two diamond fangs that totaled 12 carats!! I can't even lie, it looks so dope! Post Malone ended up dropping a total of $1.6 million on his veneers, and out of every celeb thats gotten themselves a set of veneers.. no one has even come close to that number!

Let's put it into perspective for you..assuming you've had all 4 of your wisdom teeth taken out, we're left with 28 teeth. Veneers average about $2k-$3,500k per tooth..which means a full set can run you anywhere from $56k-$98k! And he dropped $1.6 MILLION!

How do they look?

Photo: Getty/Instagram

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