Getting his start in radio in his hometown of Fresno, California, was a dream come true for Jizzo. He started off as an intern, as most do in radio, and eventually worked his way into a weekend shift. Fast forward to today, and Jizzo is now heard on multiple stations across the country. Whether he’s doing a radio show or doing voice overs, Jizzo fuels his work with passion.


When Jizzo is not working, he loves staying in shape and going to the gym every day. He describes the gym as his way to escape and decompress. On his off time, he loves to bring the kid out of himself. Whether he’s collecting another Star Wars toy or booking his next trip to Disneyland, Jizzo is all about having fun.


Jizzo continues to entertain listeners with his interaction, pop culture news, and his opinions. And most importantly, being that companion that makes you feel part of the conversation.