This McDonald's Hack Gets You Hot Crispy Fries Every Time



There is nothing better than hot and crispy french fries from McDonald's. Unfortunately, if you are mad with soggy fries it's never a great experience. A new viral hack helps to ensure that you never fall victim to soggy fries again.

Step 1 is to open the bag right away so the heat can escape. The hot steam is a major factor that causes fries to get soggy.

Step 2 put the fries in a horizontal position instead of upright in the bag so that way the heat from the fries stays fairly close to them instead of rising to the top.

Step 3 put the burgers or sandwiches on top of the fries in the bag. This trick helps to keep them warm.

My old faithful trick is to always ask for fries WITHOUT salt. They always salt the fries so if you get yours with no salt they will always have to drop hot fries specifically for your order. You can always add salt after the fact. :-)