VIDEO: Passengers get into a fist fight over who gets to deplane first

Sitting on an airplane for multiple hours can test one's patience and probably trigger anxiety.

Two women on a recent flight clearly couldn’t handle being on the plane any longer, as video shows them allegedly fighting over who gets to deplane first!

The incident occurred on American Airlines flight 2275 from Los Angeles to Phoenix. One of the passengers sitting a few rows back from the women captured the moment as it escalated.

At one point, a flight attendant can be heard over the speaker saying, "Call for law enforcement, call for law enforcement." While there were no reports of injuries or arrests, American confirmed an incident occurred.

In January, the FAA implemented more stringent policies in response to the siege at the U.S. Capitol and will no longer give "disorderly passengers" a warning.

The FAA's maximum fine for unruly behavior is $35,000! Check the video below!