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Besa Gordon Gets New TV Show on FOX 13 Seattle Called "Back2Besa!"

Look Mom! Look Dad! I’m getting a new TV show on @fox13seattle called Back2BESA 🥳 I think I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. This media journey has been a wild one, and what’s crazy is some of you have been following me and my career in media since 2008, when I started Others found me on YouTube when I started doing natural hair and reality tv reviews. And others found me once I got on the radio or even after I joined Converge Media.

Whenever you found out who Besa was, I thank you for being part of my story. And I especially thank all of my mentors along the way such as @omarisal, @kunluv, and @ericonair1! I truly couldn’t have done it without all of the guidance over the years.

I must say and very special thank you to Omari and the entire @wwconverge team who I call family. The lessons and experiences I’ve had over the last 3 years with Converge is truly invaluable. Like it’s so easy to say “how can I repay you” but what Omari has done for the Besa brand as a whole is something greater than even me getting a TV show on FOX. It’s truly been a time filled with personal development, a boot camp for the future, and what my next level would be.

One thing Omari always says is “you never know who is watching. That’s why how we do anything is how we do everything.”

More to come about the show. But I can tell you now is my Executive Producer is the OH SO TALENTED @angelapoerussell 🥰 This woman has a wealth of TV knowledge, and it’s been a joy to learn from her over the last few months as we prepped for this day.

Anywhoots. I smooth said this won’t be long. Buutttttt. Here we are 😂

So until July 1st when Back2BESA airs on FOX 13, it’s cheers 🥂 to this new chapter in my life and to everyone coming with me on the journey.

Also, I’m not leaving @hits1061seattle 🥳 I’ll still be your night host on HITS.

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