Witness In Young Thug Trial Fires Lawyer During Testimony

Young Thug

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In another shocking twist, the prosecution's lead witness in Young Thug's YSL RICO trial fired his attorney in the middle of his testimony.

On Tuesday, June 11, Kenneth "Woody" Copeland sat at the witness stand during day 89 of the proceedings. After they took a break, Fulton County Superior Court Chief Judge Ural Glanville informed the court of Copeland's decision to fire his lawyer Kayla Bumpus. The presiding judge also reminded Copeland's rights to a new attorney or a court-appointed representative, but the witness declined and even asked if he needed a lawyer.

"Is it your desire to release your council at this time," Judge Glanville asked Copeland.

"She fired," he replied.

Bumpus had been representing Copeland throughout his testimony for the prosecution. She actually informed the judge that Copeland attempted to fire her before the testimony began. Bumpus was also present when the judge and district attorney reportedly met with the witness in an effort to convince him to testify after he pleaded the Fifth Amendment last week.

“I’m not gonna let her withdraw at this point,” Glanville decided. “I’ll insist that you remain with us while he’s on the stand.”

Young Thug's attorney Brian Steel called out Judge Glanville and the prosecution for holding the meeting without informing him or his team. The judge demanded Steel to share how he found out about the meeting, but Steel refused. Judge Glanville held Steel in contempt for not revealing his source and sentenced him to 10 weekends in jail. In an effort to remain loyal to his client, he requested to serve his time at Cobb County jail with Thugger instead of Fulton County. The judge agreed and said he would help approve the move.

Bumpus may be done with Copeland following his testimony, but the chaos from the recent closed-door meeting isn't over yet. She and the rest of the attendees will have to face Judge Glanville at an upcoming gathering he reportedly scheduled for June 25. They will have to convince the judge why they "should not be held in contempt for disclosing information” to Steel and his team.

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