Oakland Comedian Gets Bipped While Retrieving Lyfe Jennings Stolen Property

Smashed Car Window, France

Photo: Getty Images

Oakland comedian @Jerrylaw2raw was trying to do a good deed for his fellow creative by recovering some of the items stolen from Lyfe Jennings. Jennings went viral earlier this year after revealing his car was broken into while performing at Yoshi's in Oakland. He stated his laptop, identification documents, credit cards, and $120k worth of jewelry.

Jerry took to social media to plead with thieves to anonymously return the stolen items. He promised no cops, he just wanted to do a good deed. Well apparently not only did Jerry get Lyfe Jennings laptop, ID and passport back, he allegedly got bipped while he did it!

Jerry posted video to his socials showing his car window was busted stating "thank god this wasn't in there," referring the Lyfe Jennings lap top.

Check it out below/

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