Mountain Lion Bites 5-Year-Old Boy In San Mateo County

A 5 Year Old boy is recovering after a mountain lion attacked him in San Mateo County. In an interview with KTVU and on a GoFundMe, Jack's aunt Amie Wagner said that he and his mother "bravely fought off the attack."

Wagner says the 5-year-old, Jack, sustained some "battle wounds in the process."

On Tuesday, just before 7 o'clock, Jack was hiking close to his family's farm, the Potrero Nuevo Farm, on the 100 block of Tunitas Creek Road when the mountain lion cub leaped out and bit him.

According to his aunt, Jack ran in front of his mother and grandfather when the cub suddenly bit to his face.

Jack's mother immediatly tried to fight the cub off yet the young animal had already caused some damage. 

Jack's aunt says he was rushed to the hospital there they were informed he had fractured bone close to one eye in addition to numerous facial injuries.

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