California Man Found Hiding In Woman's Closet With Weapons

masked burglar with crowbar breaking and entering into a victim's home - Image

Photo: Getty Images

Police were called to a California woman's home on Sunday morning after she reported hearing strange noises coming from her bedroom. According to Fox News, police "briefly struggled" to arrested 41-year-old Timothy Allen Allison before booking him into the Solano County Jail.

The Benicia Police Department took to Facebook to share photos of the weapons that were found with the suspect, and to update community members of the crime.

"Our officers arrested a man after he was found hiding inside a closet early this morning. At about 2:45 a.m. a woman living in the 1300 block of West K Street called our dispatchers to report hearing noises coming from a bedroom. Our dispatchers stayed on the phone with her while she waited for the officers outside. When officers arrived, they found the suspect hiding inside a closet in possession of a folding knife and a roll of duct tape. His vehicle was later found in the area. He was arrested after a brief struggle and was booked into Solano County jail," the post read.

The photo that is shared in the Facebook post details a dirty glove, a box knife, and a used roll of duct tape.

Police mentioned that the victim was not physically hurt, but she was very traumatized by the event. Fox News mentioned that Allison was charged with first degree felony, resisting arrest, and breaking and entering, among other charges.

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