California Wildlife Officials Euthanize 350,000 Fish

Rainbow Trout Swimming among fallen logs

Photo: Getty Images

California's rainbow trout population is currently at risk, and it seems that there is only one way to save the species. According to FOXNEWS, there is a natural-forming bacteria spreading throughout the state's rainbow trout population called Lactococcus petauri. 350,000 trout are said to be infected and there is a bleak outlook for their long term health. In an effort to stop the bacteria from killing off the entire population; California wildlife authorities have decided to humanely euthanize the infected trout.

"This loss is a huge disappointment, but we were prepared for this possibility and are doing all we can to ensure to continued angling opportunity for the public. The fish from the private contractor and stocks from non-infected hatchery facilities will help bridge the gap while we work to vaccinate the remaining stocks at the affected facilities. We are doing all we can to stock as many fish as possible," California Department of Fish and Wildlife Fisheries Supervisor Russell Black shared with FOXNEWS.

The chance of this disease effecting humans is rare, but not impossible. FOXNEWS mentioned that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will use two different types of vaccines to euthanize the effected population. The state plans to use government stock to replenish the species.

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