Snoop Dogg Walks Off Interview in Anger After 'Gangsta Gaming League' Loss

Snoop Dogg added “professional gamer” to his resume back in March after launching the “Gangsta Gaming League (GGL).”He started off on top, winning four of the first six matches of the E-sports competition series. But that wasn’t the case with his latest tournament.

Now if you know Snoop Dogg, he is ALL OUT THAT MADDEN ACTION!

WARNING: Snoop is all in his feelings. CUSSING ABOUNDS! NSFW!

Snoop and his gaming squad have been having a great time streaming the gaming competitions on his Twitch channel,complete with the occasional celebrity cameo. Snoop competed in the game “Madden NFL” for another couple-thousand-dollar prize on Wednesday… and he couldn’t keep his crown.

That got Snoop so heated that he ended up walking out of the post-match interview. After being asked about how he felt about the loss, Snoop hit back by calling it a “stupid question,” telling the interviewer "begone" before walking off the set. It was all in good fun, though – Snoop cracked a little smile and everyone in the room laughed along.Check out a clip below.


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