Firefighters Give Stranded Bride Ride To Wedding #GoodNews

What do you do when you’re late for your wedding and an accident is blocking the roads and your limo is stuck in traffic? One bride in California hitched a ride from some Los Angeles County firefighters.

It happened back in March, but a rep for the Los Angeles County Firefighters was recently at Station 69 and spotted a photo of a few of the firefighters and a bride in her wedding gown and he shared the story on their Instagram page. The unnamed woman got a lift from them on the fire engine after they saw her walking in traffic, holding up her wedding dress on a “muddy mess of a day.”

The crew never even got her name, but someone snapped a photo of the moment she arrived with the firefighters and the engine in the background. The rep shared the image on social media to highlight the diverse duties of the firefighters and adds, “There’s so many cool things we do that never make it out there.”

Source: Yahoo

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