Big Al Broadcasting Live from Disneyland Park!

Here with Resort Spokesperson Stephanie Graves from the Disneyland Resort discussing all things entertainment! She suggested starting your trip at Disney California Adventure Park to experience the Festival of Holidays and try out the sip and savor pass to try out 8 samples from various vendors and watch Mickey's Happy Holidays a very special parade with Pixar friends that is exclusively in California Adventure Park.

Tip download the Disney app to find out timing for all of the amazing shows Disney has to offer in their parks.

Hanging out with David Hansen the Sr. Manager of Entertainment shows in California Adventure Park. There is so much to check out but World of Color Season of Light is the highlight of the park. It is a truly breathtaking show with humor and passion that will leave the biggest Disney fanatics in tears!

Here with technical director Joe Peters he has one of the coolest jobs on the property in our opinion! His main projects for the year are Haunted Mansion and Its a Small World he over sees the Holiday transformations that take up to 9 months in planning!! He's been working at the park since 1983 talk about an OG of Disney! He leads a team that transforms the two attractions over night over the course of 7 weeks.

Insider Info: All of the decorations for Haunted Mansion and It's A Small World are all stored inside the attraction. Disney really does maximize every space possible.

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