Boy Teased for Looking Like a Girl as he Grew Hair for Cancer Patients

A kid in the U.K. who was teased for growing his hair long and looking “like a girl” has finally opened up about why he did it. For the last two years, nine-year-old Kit Porritthas been growing out his hair and didn’t tell anyone, even his mom, Ellen, why he was doing it.

It turns out he saw a show about kids with cancer and found out some people grow their hair long so they can donate it to be made into wigs for children, so he decided to do it himself.

Kit was often mistaken for a girl, but says he ‘wasn’t really bothered” by it because he was on a mission to help others. He donated the hair toThe Little Princess Trust Charity, which gives free real hair wigs to kids with cancer.

Ellen posteda videoof her son’s drastic chop online, which has helped raise money for the charity. “I’m very proud of him,” she says, “and I’m very relieved that I do not have to try and get a brush through it every morning.”


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