Mom & Dad Feuding Over The Handling Of Bi-Racial Daughter’s Hair

A mom and dad are feuding over the handling of their biracial daughter’s hair, and the Internet has some strong opinions about it.

Here’s what happened:

  • A dad shared on Reddit that his 12-year-old daughter “Gem” has "tightly coiled hair,” and he had been hesitant to use a relaxer on it because of the harsh chemicals.
  • Well, without asking him, his ex-wife, who is white, decided to use a relaxant on his daughter, despite having no experience with the product.
  • That didn’t work out too well, with the daughter’s hair “damaged to the point it was falling out in clumps."
  • To try and fix things dad brought Gem to a beautician, who suggested they cut off all the remaining the hair so it would grow out properly, and when it was done his daughter was “happy and quite ecstatic about how her hair turned out.”
  • Mom, on the other hand was not happy at all, and “freaked” at the new hairdo, suggesting the father didn’t have the right to cut off his daughter’s hair without her consent, and that Gem now, "looks like a boy."
  • Dad fought back noting it was her “stupidity” that made their daughter’s hair fall out in the first place, and now their feuding.

So, who does the Internet think is right in the matter?

  • Most people agree that dad did his best to rectify a horrible situation, with one person noting, "She made your daughter's hair fall out," adding, "She has absolutely no room to talk. She is a hypocrite too because she didn't consult you before using the relaxer."
  • But a lot of people thought both mom and dad were wrong, since neither consulted each other before making any decisions about their daughter’s hair. "Your ex should have told you before and you likewise about the haircut," one person shared, while another added, “You're both arguing with each other about who did what and separately discussing this stuff with your daughter,”
  • Finally one person shared, “everybody sucks here.” 

Source:Café Mom

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