Firefighters Return Ring That Survived The Getty Fire #GoodNews

As residents sift through the remains of the homes destroyed in the Getty Fire, one homeowner got a precious item returned.

Last week, a Los Angeles Fire Department crew found a small ring box in front of a home destroyed in the blaze.

They opened it to find the diamond ring and velvet lining of the box unscathed.When homeowners were allowed to return, the crew went door-to-door trying to find the owner. It turns out, the ring also survived the Bel Air Fire in 1961 at the same location (the house was rebuilt) and it belonged to the mother of the woman living in the house now. She and her mother are “beyond happy” and “speechless” to get the heirloom back.

The LAFD shared the story on Facebookto remind everyone that there is happiness among the devastation.

Source:ABC News

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