Nurse Adopts Man With Autism So He Can Have A Heart Transplant #GoodNews

Lori Wood is the kind of nurse anyone would want. She gave the ultimate display of compassion by adopting a patient, so he could have lifesaving surgery… two days after they met.Jonathan Pinkard, who’s 27 and has autism, was in the ICU at Piedmont Newnan Hospital in 2018 with a terminal heart condition. He needed a transplant to save his life, but his mother was in rehab so he had no support system and couldn't be added to the list. The problem is, it’s required that organ recipients have stable support systems so that patients are guaranteed to have someone to take care of them after an operation.

For four months Pinkard was in and out of the hospital, then he met Wood. She immediately asked if she could adopt him and be his guardian so the young man could get the operation. He said yes. Not only did he get a new heart, but Wood has been teaching him the life skills he needs to one day live on his own. Now, not only is Wood an angel in his life, but he’s hoping for more to help with medical bills.

You can be one by donating to his GoFundMe campaign.

Source:Good News Network

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