Man Moves Into SPCA To Keep Dog Company Waiting for Forever Home!

In Merriam, Kansas, a man has moved into an animal shelter to help a three-year-old terrier mix named Queen get adopted.

Queen has been living at the shelter for more than 400 days, the longest of any animal there.

And when Scott Poole heard about Queen, he wanted to do all he could to find the perfect home for the dog. So, he moved in and plans to stay for however long it takes.

Scott is enjoying living with Queen at the shelter, but hopes his stunt brings attention to her story and leads to her getting adopted.

Scott describes Queen as “the world’s sweetest dog” and hopes a generous person will come forward soon, so that both he and Queen can move out of the shelter. (KCTV-TV)

UPDATE: Queen has just found her forever home.

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