'Aint No Tellin" Music Video Features Unheard Verse & Cameo From Mac Dre

Lil Jon is paying homage to the bay and bringing back the hyphy sound with his new track "Ain't No Tellin".

The single features an unheard verse from the late bay area icon, Mac Dre. The music video for the track was filmed on July 5th, (a.k.a Mac Dre Day), and includes several cameos from Andre himself.

"My inspiration is the Bay Area hyphy culture and the incredible legacy of Mac Dre!," Lil Jon told XXL.

NorCal artists like: Prezi, Lil B, All Black, D. Lo & more are seen giggin' throughout the video. Mac Dre's mom, Wanda even makes a quick appearance in the video and she reportedly shares Lil Jon's enthusiasm for bringing back the distinct so!

“I’m more than excited for this record to come out. I’m grateful to Lil Jon and emotional about it as well,” she said. “I’m a Lil Jon fan, and my son was a Lil Jon fan, so when he respectfully approached me about this idea there was no way I was going to say no to him.”

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