Bow Wow Faces Backlash after Body-Shaming Bikini-Clad Wendy Williams

If Bow Wow thought he could shade Wendy Williams without consequence, he found out thatthat’s not the case

In case you missed it, the man also known as Shad Moss got mad when Wendy called him outfor using an expletive to describe his ex,Ciara. He retaliated by sharing a photo of Williams from September 2017. The now-deleted tweet featured her walking on the beach in a bikini with the caption, “They say its a hot girl summer,” with several emojis that indicated sarcasm. 

The Twitterverse quickly came out in Wendy’s defense. Here are just a few of the comments:

  • “Wendy flying in private jets while you posting google images and flying coach, beyloved.”
  • “Stay away from her. Get a job.”
  • “Sir, with all due disrespect, your entire life post 2006 has been a complex tapestry of L’s… I’d honestly recommend being as good a parent as you can be and literally nothing else.” That tweet got more than 700 likes.

Wendy didn’t even dignify the situation with a response.

Source:Page Six

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