Family Saved From House Fire By Five-Year-Old Boy #GoodNews

A quick thinking kid in Chicago saved his family from a house fire that started in the middle of the night.Jayden Espinozawas the only one awake at 3 a.m. when the blaze broke out at his aunt’s apartment and the five-year-old jumped into action.

"I yelled to my auntie there was fire," Jayden explains. "I said fire was coming in the kitchen."

Thanks to fire drills at school and watching video games about exit plans, the boy knew to tell his two sisters, three cousins, and aunt to crouch and move to get out safely. He stayed calm and saved the day. Jayden’s mother,Tracey Espinoza,says, “I didn’t expect that of him, to be a hero, to save everyone’s life”


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