E-40 Regrets Not Collaborating With Nipsey Hussle When He Had The Chance

BET Awards 2019 Radio Broadcast Center - Day 2

Bay Area rapper, E-40 recently revealed he regrets not hopping on Nipsey Hussle's last album 'Victory Lap' when he was given an opportunity.

Uncle Earl told The Breakfast Club that Nipsey had sent him the popular track 'Grinding All My Life' but because of time restrictions he never sent him back a verse.

"I'm so mad I didn't get on it," 40 admits. "I tried to, but it was crunch time for me. He needed it back with the hurry up [...] We are busy people. We never tripped on any of that."

During the interview E-40 had nothing but love and praise for Nip and expressed how his death personally impacted him.

"When that happened, that really hurt me because I feel like Nipsey is somebody that was very important to the culture," he said. "He definitely did his job while he was on this earth. That's how God do it sometimes. Sometimes he takes the good ones."

Listen to Nipsey's track that E-40 was supposed to be featured on below:

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