Tourist Jumps Out Of Car To Save Woman From Burning Building #GoodNews

A tourist turned into a hero when he saved a Las Vegas area woman from an apartment fire.RalphandSandra Harrislive in Atlanta, but were in Vegas for his fraternity convention and went to do some sightseeing at Hoover Dam, but got lost on their way back.

The couple ended up in a neighborhood just as flames were engulfing a second-floor apartment. Ralph, an Army veteran and pastor, honked the horn to alert anyone inside to the fire and a woman came out on her balcony, yelling for help.

He immediately ran over and stood under the balcony, shouted for her to jump and caught her. He also made another rescue, helping an elderly woman get out of her ground-floor apartment.

Ralph says he’s not a hero, but that he’s grateful for the turn of events that led them to be there at that time. “My wrong turn was God’s right turn,” he says.


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