'Shark Tank' Star says A-Rod is Distracting, J-Lo is Intimidating

“Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran recently opened upabout meeting Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, aka J-Lo.

Barbara said it was hard for her to concentrate when A-Rod guest starred on her show. “You have A-rod, all [6-foot-3] of him sitting next to you,” she noted. “As every entrepreneur walks onto the set, I’m thinking, ‘Oh, God, I hope I can invest with A-Rod on this one.’ Next one: ‘I hope I can invest with A-Rod on this one.’” 

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But the real estate mogul saved her best assessment for his girlfriend. She said that J-Lo was intimidating as a compliment. “I don’t mean in any regard that she’s not nice in any way. What I mean by that is she has self-power. She created her own power in herself, and it’s [palpable]. … Without even seeing who’s coming in the room, you feel something,” she explained.

Source:Us Weekly

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