Man w/ Cat Gets Comfy During Burglary; Puts on Woman's Onesie, Eats Cupcake

This is definitely not your typical home invasion.

A man is facing charges after allegedly breaking into an Oregon home with his cat and helping himself to some coffee and a cupcake before trying on the homeowner's Christmas onesie.

Police arrested Ryan Bishop, who’s 38 in case you’re wondering, for the incident Sunday afternoon in the city of Gresham just east of Portland.

And it gets weirder… the homeowners came home to stuff lying around that wasn’t theirs and the sound of something rustling in their crawl space. They looked inside to find the cat named Spaghetti wearing a shirt. They then heard something that sounded larger than a cat and called police. Responding officers say Bishop emerged from the crawlspace wearing the onesie after they arrived on the scene. He was arrested on charges of first-degree burglary, first-degree criminal mischief and third-degree theft. Spaghetti was unruly and animal control took possession of him.

The homeowner told police she did not want the Christmas onesie back. After all, she knows where it’s been!

Source:Fox 12 Oregon

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