Erykah Badu Fought Rickey Smiley's Mom: "I keep laying that a** down"

Have you ever experienced issues with a parent of your significant other? Apparently Erykah Badu has... on multiple occasions.

On Tuesday, (July 9th), the R&B star posted a photo revealing she had once dated comedian Rickey Smiley. Badu claims the couple didn't end up working out because she had beef with his mother!

The 'Next Lifetime' singer didn't stop airing out their dirty laundry there. Badu went on to say she physically fought Smiley's mother on three separate occasions.

"We had 3 fights and I keep laying that a** down," Badu said.

She went on to throw a little more shade and clarify that the most recent altercation was a bit more of a challenge because Smiley's mom snuck up on her.

"I didn't recognize her cause she was blending in with mary j blige dancers. Her body look young cause of crack," said Badu.

Clearly the funk didn't cause too much of a rift between Badu and Smiley. The comedian reposted Badu's post with the caption:

"I'm crying!!!!! My responseto #ErykahBadu will be posted at 7 pm!!!!! I'm gonna kill her a**."

The pair are both known for being online jokesters but only Smiley's response will reveal if there's any seriousness to this situation.

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