MLB Umpire Honors Teen Umpire Whose Call Led To Youth Game Brawl #GoodNews

After making a call that sparked a brawl among parentsat a youth baseball game, a 13-year-old umpire was treated to a major league game by Major League Baseball umpire Chris Guccione. Josh Cordova ruled that a seven-year-old player had batted out of order and that led to a fight between 12 adults and a teen in Denver last month.

The call impressed Guiccone, who says the teen could’ve easily backed down, but stood by his decision. So he invited the young umpire and his family to a Colorado Rockies game through the MLB umpire charity Umps Care. Josh was given his own official MLB umpire gear and got to meet with Rockies umpires, an experience he says was “kind of surreal.”

The teen says he doesn’t want his experience to discourage future youth baseball players from pursuing the sport. “I want them to have an idea of baseball being a great game and learning to love the game just as I have,” he says.


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