Homeless Man's Act Of Kindness Inspires Subway Riders To Help Him #GoodNews

A homeless man who showed “kindness on rainy day” has inspired others pay it forward. 

New York City was recently hit with a rainstorm that flooded the Bedford Avenue subway station in Brooklyn. It also created a huge, unavoidable puddle. That’s when Zahir McDonald – who panhandles there daily – stepped in to help. “These people help me every day, I got to do something about it,” he explained. A video clip showed Zahir helping commuters walk on a piece of wood he found while he stood in the ankle deep water. 

Jen Winston was so inspired by what she called a “beautiful New York moment” that she stopped to record it. When she later posted the clipon Instagram, it quickly received over 60,000 likes. Once the kind stranger was identified, she launched a GoFundMethat’s already exceeded its $5,000 goal. McDonald, who’s been homeless since losing his job in 2014, said he’s extremely grateful for the outpouring of support.

Source: CBS Local

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