Man Says He Stole Pool Floats To Avoid Raping Women, According to Police

A man told police that he steals pool floats to have sex with them instead of raping women.

The City of Palm Bay, Florida has been plagued with burglaries during the past seven months.Police say the burglary suspect enters the victim’s pool deck area and steals their pool floats.

There have been thirteen cases reported. Then on Thursday morning at approximately 1:25 a.m., police stopped a suspicious person who had a large garbage bag full of deflated pool floats.

Christopher William Monnin, 35, admitted to stealing the pool floats, and recently a bacon-shaped one because he has sex with them. When asked why he was stealing the floats he said, "that he sexually gratifies himself with the floats and does this instead of raping women,” the officer said. Police went to Monnin’s home and found approximately 75 pool floats. The victim of the bacon shaped pool float does wish to pursue charges. Monnin was transported to Jail where his bond was set at $78,500.

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