5-Year-Old Girl Makes 'Blessing Bags' to Help the Homeless #GoodNews

Sometimes it's the littlest people who have the biggest hearts, and a five-year-old Alabama girl has been sharing hers with some less fortunate people in her town.

Tynslee Blue began noticing the plight of the homeless community a year ago and became very upset that people didn't have a place to live or food to eat or or even basic hygiene supplies.

So Tynslee decided to do something to help. With her mom's help, she makes "blessing bags" -- little plastic zipper bags containing food, clothing and other personal care items.

Tynslee's mom then takes her to a local park where she wheels the bags around in a wagon and passes them out to people who need help.

When asked why she helps the homeless, Tynslee answered, "''Cause they don't have nobody to do it for them." 

You can follow Tynslee and also learn about how you can help on the Facebook page,Little Heroes for the Homeless.

(Inside Edition)

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