Bus Driver Runs In Traffic, Saves Boy Wandering Away From School #GoodNews

A bus driver in Milwaukee is being called a hero for saving a boy she saw while on her route.Cecilia Nation-Gardnerspotted the child walking alone in the middle of the street, so she pulled her bus to a stop. She honked the horn to alert other drivers and get the boy’s attention, but when no one seemed to notice, she got out of the bus.

Nation-Gardner jumped out and got the child out of danger and safely onto the bus. She called police and they arrived minutes later, discovering that he was a six-year-old with a disability who had wandered away from school. He’s been reunited with his family now, thanks to this alert driver. And the thing is - she wasn’t even supposed to be at that intersection at that moment.

“I ended up leaving my layover two minutes later than usual,” Nation-Gardner says. “That’s why I was at the right place at the right time. It was meant for me to be there.”

Source:Inside Edition

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