'Star Trek's' Nichelle Nichols Screams For Help in Guardianship Battle

Nichelle Nichols, known for her role of Lieutenant Uhura on “Star Trek,” was diagnosed with dementia last summer. Now, Gilbert Bell, who claims to be the 86-year-old actress’ manager and close friend, has shared troubling audio with CBS46 Atlanta.

The clip, which comes amid a conservatorship battle that involves the actress’ son, Kyle Johnson, starts calm and ends with sound and no video.

At issue? Chambers has filed for legal guardianship of his mother. In the clip reportedly captured by Gilbert, Nichols is first seen viewing documents. Those documents allegedly contain information about Johnson's petition.

Nichols appears agitated saying she "didn’t give permission" for a conservatorship over me. She also says she "didn’t know what he was doing.” And here's where things go sideways. Someone - supposedly Johnson - comes into the room. The camera is taken off Nichols and set down. A male voice is heard saying it's "time to go home." Nichols begins shrieking in protest, the video stops. It's pretty horrifying.

  • We'll tell you straight - it’s unclear what the real situation is. Sources are telling Page Sixthat Johnson has “bad intentions" in obtaining legal guardianship over his mother.While screaming and shouting are common symptoms, it’s also worth noting that Nichols’ comprehension, long term memory and recognition of familiar people is still intact. How much that has changed - no one is saying.

Source:CBS46 Atlanta

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