Wrong Number Turns Into The Right Friendship #GoodNews

A grandmother has made a new friend and gained granddaughter after accidentally dialing the wrong number. 

It all started when Callie received a voicemail from Grandma Margaret, who thought she was calling her grandson, Barry. After receiving the sweet message, Callie felt compelled to call Margaret back and let her know she dialed the wrong number. Since her grandson’s number is one digit off of Callie’s, Grandma Margaret accidentally called Callie a few more times., Callie would answer every time and the grandmother would check up on the young woman. 

Grandma Margaret’s friendly calls couldn’t come at better time. Callie said she was having some personal problems and the calls helped her get through it. Eventually those accidental calls led to them talking every week for an entire year. The pair recently decided to meet face-to-face. Grandma’s reaction was priceless. “She is just somebody special to me. She knows how to show love,” the elderly woman noted. Callie said she looks up to Margaret like a grandma and a good friend.

Source:Humankind Videos

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