UPS Driver Follows Instincts, Saves Elderly Man Laying on Floor for 7 Days

What can brown do for you? Well, for one man in North Carolina, it can save a life.

UPS driver Todd Holland has driven the same route for 25 years and has gotten to know many of his customers, including one elderly man in his 80s.

Holland says the man usually sits out on his porch and greets him every time he delivers a package. But one recent Friday, Holland dropped off a package but the man wasn't there to greet him. He just assumed the man wasn't home.

One week later, Holland delivered another package and saw that the box he dropped off a week earlier was still on the porch.

Holland says that's when he got a bad feeling and decided to follow his gut. He knocked on the door and called the man's name, but got no response. So he opened the door and walked inside. That's when he found the man lying on the floor.

Holland said he was alert but unable to move. He called 911 and stayed with the man, holding his hand, until paramedics arrived.

While waiting for the ambulance, Holland said, "He squeezed my hand and said, ‘I love you.'" The elderly man told him he had fallen and laid on the floor for seven days until Holland arrived.

Paramedics say the man was in bad condition and may not have lived another day had Holland not found him. Holland says he hopes the story inspires other delivery workers to follow their intuition if they think a customer needs help. (People)

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