Dave Chappelle Hand-Delivers Tickets To Couple Scammed On Craigslist

A couple who bought tickets to see Dave Chappelleon Valentine’s Day were disappointed to find out they were fakes, but the comedian made it up to them and then some.

Deidra and Eddie Dickensare big fans of his and bought the tickets on Craigslist, even paying more to get a wheelchair-accessible seat for Eddie. But the seller scammed them out of $500 then cut off communication, so the Charlotte, North Carolina couple decided to make the best of Valentine’s Day and went to dinner with friends.

And that’s when Chappelle made a surprise appearance at dinner, to hand deliver real tickets to them. He joked, “Always get your tickets from reliable sources” as he sat down and chatted with the couple before the show. He posed for photos and they say he couldn’t have been nicer.

"It felt good," Chappelle says of his act of kindness. "It felt like I just got to make something that was wrong right. Take any opportunity that's presented to you to be kind, especially if it's something easy to do."

Source: CBS News

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