Christie's Corny Christmas Jokes

Need some holiday jokes to break the ice around your family this holiday season? Christie James has you covered! 

If those jokes didn't do it for you, here's a list of more of favorite corny holiday jokes:

1. "Why did Santa's helper need therapy?"

Because he had low elf-esteem.

2. "What do you call a snowman in July?"

A puddle.

3. "Why did the boy put his Hanukkah money in the freezer?"

He wanted cold, hard cash.

4. "What do snowmen eat for breakfast?"

Frosted flakes. 

5. "What do you call always needing a date on NYE?"

Social security. 

6. "What was the lactose free milk favorite Christmas carol?"

"Soy To The World"

7. "Why did Frosty want to divorce his wife?"

She was a total flake!

8. "What do you call a broke Santa?"

St. Nickle-LESS

8. "What's it called when a snowman has a temper-tantrum?"

A meltdown.

9. "What do you call an elf who sings?"

A wrapper.

10. "Did you hear Santa knows karate?"

He's got a black belt.

11. "Which hand is better to light a menorah with?"

Neither, it's best to use a candle.

12. "What do you have in December that's not in any other month?"

The letter D.

13. "What are little snowmen called?"


14. "What can you catch in the winter with your eyes closed?"

A cold.

15. "Why did Santa work an extra job?"

To keep his daughter off the north pole!

Hope these Christmas jokes brightened your holiday spirits!

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