R. Kelly is being sued for allegedly stealing someone's wife!!

Looks like R. Kelly is challenging Trey Songz for the Mr. Steal Yo Girl title! The 'Ignition' singer is now being sued for allegedly stealing a Mississippi man's wife! 

Kenny Bryant sued R. Kelly last year for allegedly having an affair with his wife, Asia Childress. Bryant is seeking damages for "ruining his marriage and depriving him of his spouse, love, support and conjugal affection." As well as suffering "emotional, psychological and financial loss," according to The Blast.

Bryant claims that the affair carried on for five years and that Kelly even gave his wife Chlamydia! 

R. Kelly singer denies the affair and is reportedly wants NO PART in the lawsuit. He is even REFUSING to take part of a deposition taking place on November 11th. 

With sex cult accusations, eviction reports and now an alleged infidelity lawsuit, it's safe to say 2018 has NOT been R. Kelly's year...

(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

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