Happy Birthday Drake: Drake Songs That Sample Throwback Hits!

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Drake is known for paying homage to the OG's of hip hop and R&B with his use of samples. In honor of Drake's 32nd birthday we've put together a list of songs that sample some of our favorite throwback hits.

1. Unforgettable (Thank Me Later2010)

SAMPLE: At Your Best (You Are Love)- Aaliyah (1994)

This track from one of Drake's earlier albums opens up with Aaliyah's beautiful vocals.

2. Worst Behavior (Nothing Was the Same2013)

SAMPLE: Mo Money Mo Problems- The Notorious B.I.G (1997)

Skip to the 3rd verse of 'Worst Behavior' and you'll hear Drake use lines from Mase's verse in this 1997 classic. 

3. Legend (If You're Reading This Its Too Late, 2015)

SAMPLE: So Anxious- Ginuwine (1999)

If you listen closely to Drake's hook, you'll here a chopped and screwed snippit of this 90's classic by Ginuwine. 

4. U With Me? (Views, 2016)

SAMPLE: How's It Goin Down- DMX (1998)

Along with the title, Drake repeats the chorus to this well know X track. "What kinda games are being played? How's It Going Down? It's on til' we gone and I gots to know now. Is you with me or what?"

5. Fire & Desire (Views, 2016)

SAMPLE: I Dedicate - Brandy (1994)

Drake samples this R&B diva's early work in the hook of this song. 

6. Emotionless (Scorpion, 2018)

SAMPLE: Emotions - Mariah Carey (1991)

The real MC shouted out Drake for sampling her vocals on this track when 'Scorpion' dropped earlier this year.

7. Nice For What (Scorpion, 2018)

SAMPLE: Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill (1998)

It's hard to miss the Lauryn Hill sample in this recent Drake chart topping hit!

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